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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Reuben is a cinematographer and photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. He brings both a creative and technical approach to projects, drawing on years of experience to capture images that are right for the story. His work comprises of a wide range of projects that include many narrative, music video, branded content and documentary work. As the son of a therapist and a businessman, his work is heavily influenced by his desire to understand how people and the world work. He has a deep understanding of the creative and physical demands of filmmaking, as well as a unique ability to bridge documentary and fiction film techniques; one that brings cinematic looks to non-fiction and the intimacy of real life to narrative work. Reuben loves the art of storytelling and is looking to collaborate with other moving image professionals and creatives on commercial, documentary and narrative projects. When not roaming around the city with his camera, he can be found tending to his small garden or spending time with his wife, daughter and their dachshunds.

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